The main secret of the casino

The main secret of the casino has long been known to everyone – the casino always wins. Casino owners are engaged in business, not charity, so the casino will always be in the black. Players are well aware that this does not reduce their craving for gambling. So what are the secrets of the casino and their appeal? How do online casinos attract and retain customers? How do gambling establishments improve their profits? Today we will try to answer these questions.

On the site of any casino in the most prominent place is a banner advertising bonuses for the player’s deposit. Put 100 dollars on the deposit and get the same amount as a gift. So many newcomers argue, clicking on the button “Get a bonus”, and fall into a bonus trap. The main secrets of giving bonuses to casinos are as follows:

Requirements for winning back the bonus, which are called wagers. Before withdrawing your winnings from the account, the player must bet on a sum that is tens of times higher than the bonus. For example, if you are using a 40x wager, $ 4000 is necessary to win a $ 100 bonuses. That is, in order to receive a gift of $ 100 a player must risk on the stakes with his four thousand. The rhetorical question: how many of them will he lose?

Many players still do not refuse bonuses, and casinos to complicate their life, allow you to win back wagers only in games with a high casino advantage. As a rule, in betting a wager, there are no roulette and card games, as well as machines with a very high rate of refund rates.

The most important danger that lies in wait for the player who took the bonus is to lose all the money he won when he tries to withdraw them. For example, you deposited a deposit of 200 euros and received the same bonus. Just started to play – and immediately won, for example, put on the roulette in the room 100 euros and guessed. Of course, you will want to withdraw this money, because, theoretically, you did not even play a bonus, you still have 100 euros and 200 bonus points in your account. But in a casino consider in another way: first bonus money is written off from the account, and then already the deposit. Further options for the development of the situation vary and depend on the decency of the institution.

In the most honest casinos, when you try to withdraw money when the bonus is not won, the system will notify you that you can only withdraw your deposit, but lose the winnings. The further choice is yours. Less than decent institutions do not warn lucky players about the loss of funds, but simply withdraw their own money without a win. When the client discovers his mistake – there is no going back. Well, frankly, “black” institutions generally refuse to return the deposit if the wager is not executed.

Non-random chance

The loss of symbols in gaming machines, the behavior of the virtual roulette ball, the order of the exit of cards – all this depends on the operation of the random number generator. But is it only from him? Practice shows that even casinos with honesty control md5 interfere with his work. The secrets of the casino lie in the fact that even solid European institutions give advantages to large players, especially if they have lost a fairly serious amount. This does not mean that a small depositor has no chance of a serious win, just a big player, these chances are slightly higher. Strategy games

At the beginning of the article, we wrote that the casino always wins. This also applies to situations where players use “winning strategies”. There are ways to minimize the risks of the game, but you cannot beat the casino, although you really want to. This is used by distributors of various paid and free strategies, some of which are supported by gambling establishments themselves. In this case, casinos pursue their own advantage: they create the illusion of an inevitable victory for the players, which makes them risk their own money. Of course, the deposit will be lost, and all the profits will go to the casino.

It must always be soberly understood that there are no strategies that would allow to change the laid expectation of the game. The only exception is the receipt of bonuses and their competent acting out. We wrote about this in the article how to beat the casino with the help of mathematics. But even in this case, the winnings are not guaranteed. Yes, the mathematical expectation will be on the player’s side, but we know that the casino always has a positive outlook in the game, but customers still manage to win. The same rule also applies in the opposite direction: the player can lose, even having a positive expectation.

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